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Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leskovac

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Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leskovac

The regional chamber of commerce Leskovac is and independent, non governmental, expert, professional and interest association of all production, trade and service companies, banks, financial institutions and other legal and physical persons, dealing its registered economy activity on the territory of Jablanicki and Pcinjski Region.

With the aim of increasing of production on the modern bases and faster and more clear introducing of economy of this Region in world’s manufacturing and trade courses, the basic task of the Chamber is realization of economic cooperation with the world, informing of foreign partners about economic and tourist possibilities of this Region, gathering, processing and distribution of information on supply and demand of services and goods, representing of mutual interest of members in front of government organs, initiating of management development in companies of different ownership, the promoting of scientific-technological development and quality services, and promoting of application of world’s accomplishments in technologies, quality and standards, innovating of knowledge in economy and advancing of information in economy.

From its establishment till today, the area of Regional Chamber of Commerce Leskovac is constantly changing its special-functional structure and regional functional properties. The intensity of these properties is determined by acting of many factors, from which are especially significant social-political circumstances and the development of total infrastructural net. Thanks to the versatile influence do regional and national character, the area of Chamber of Leskovac developed into a center of significant functional capacity and importance from the point of view of total linking with the neighboring regions and countries.

With the aim of faster participation in world’s economy and financial courses, the economy subjects of the area of Regional Chamber of commerce Leskovac, have directed their manufacturing and developing concepts according to the requirements of demanding world’s market. This concept of development, except economical logic, is influenced by climate conditions, geographical position and natural prerequisites for the development of agriculture, industry, spa tourism. Tourism, traffic and other economic activities

The economy of area of Chamber of Leskovac is interested for the development of bilateral relationship in all sectors of economy, and especially in the part of connecting of knowledge and technology due to production for joint performance on the third markets. Much more because the existing economy potentials, mine and forest wealth are challenge for all possible forms of cooperation with partners abroad.

Area of Chamber of Leskovac is at the south of Serbia and with its major part it borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria. It extends to 6.290 square kilometers. Regarding terrain configuration it is listed in mountain regions and it is suitable for agricultural and cattle-breeding .Cultivated land occupies 367.274 hectares, and forests occupy 234.500 hectares.

This economic space is divided into Jablanicki i Pcinjski Region.

Jablanicki region comprises municipalities: Leskovac, Lebane ,Bojnik, Medvedja, Vlasotince and Crna Trava. The main economic and administrative center is Leskovac.

Pcinski region is comprised of municipalities: Vranje, Vladičin Han, Surdulica, Bosilegrad, Bujanovac, Preševo and Trgovište,and head office of the Region is in Vranje.

In all the municipalities of Jablaničkoi and Pčinjski region there are 699 settlements with 131.000 housesholds where live more than half million of inhabitants.

The area of Chamber has significant cultural heritage. It is recognizable by discoveries of vincansko-plocnicka phase from young neolith. Roman period is characterized by discovery “Caricin Grad” nearby Lebane, which was administrative and military center of byzantium region in Balcans and “ Markovo kale” nearby Vranje, and they belonged to Justinian I.

There is also a vivid trace of medieval culture. From this period we know Jasunja monasteries, Monastery Babicko, Church and Shelter in Rudare near Leskovac and Monastery Prohor Pcinjski near Beujanovac. From the period od Turkish ruling there remained a bathroom Hamam, Beli most,Krstata dzamija and Pasin konak in Vranje.

The first inhabitants in this area were dardans, and after roman conquest this area was taken by East Roman Empire.

Vranje is mentioned for the first time in 1093 year in a work "Aleksandrija", which Ana Komnin, a greek woman of royal origin dedicated to a certain father Aleksej. Vranje cane over Serbian state, for the first time in 1282. year, when King Milutin has conquered it rum Byzantium.

Leskovac is mentioned for the first time in 1308 year in a document of King Milutin. In time it became oriental-Balkan place and one of the most important handicrafts and trade center of Serbia of that time.

Social and economical circumstances and sudden industrialization caused that administrative centers developed fast. Leskovac became a town with more than 80.000 inhabitants, in which besides economic activities, there is also cultural life developed. The soul of the town are: National heater, known as "theater without cashier", Library, Archeological museum and Historical Archive. With opening of University of Technology, High textile and High Economy School gained importance, and Leskovac has all the characteristics of student’s center. This year The University for Management was opened and High Economy School –customs official course in Medveđa.

Leskovac is town of fair manifestations. Leskovački Fair annually organizes fifteen international fairs, and commercial-sales exhibitions.

The famous cultural-commercial manifestation, called “Rostiljijada” every year gathers a great number of domestic and foreign guests for degustation of well known specialties of Leskovac grill. Degustation of famous wines from Vlasotince vineyards, is going on during also well known manifestation “Wine Ball” in Vlasotince

Vranje is town with more than 60.000 inhabitants. As rarely any town, it experienced blooming in last decades, and it is often called "miracle from south". The main characteristics of this development are fast industrialization and urbanization, so it is economic, administrative, cultural, health, educational, informative and sports’ center of Pčinjski region. There is Teacher Training University and Management University.

Every year there are more traditional meetings in Vranje , from which we can separate manifestation “Bora’s week” called by writer Bora Stankovic who has presented in his works the customs and tradition of old Vranje and manifestation “Carnation girl” in Vranjska Banja.

Also well known is manifestation “Golden hands” traditionally held in Prohorovo, by Monastery Prohor Pcinjski. The cultural characteristic of this area are the trumpeter’s fairs every year held in Vladicin Han, Surdulica and Vlasina Lake.